About Angela…

Having been drawn to people, their behaviours and emotions, and a desire to develop individuals, Angela studied a BA Degree in Psychology at Rhodes University. Her career has included working in the distance learning environment as a Student Advisor, Recruitment Consulting, Managing teams of Recruitment Consultants, owning a Training Consultancy – Outsourced Training Solutions – and for something completely different, owning a Florist. Her interest in psychology also led her to being trained as a Life Line Counsellor and more recently completing a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching Practitioner Certification Course.

All these career choices had to do with motivating, listening, developing, training and assisting people to be the very best they could be. Her 15 years management experiecne has given her many opportunities to not only develop individuals, but also look at the efficiencies of teams, systems and rely on tried and tested strategic frameworks to ensure that peoples strengths are aligned to a teams mission and objectives, which are in turn aligned to the organisations vision.

The workshops that she has developed, have been a personal quest, drawn from her training knowledge, experience with people who she has managed, motivated and coached, vast sales experience and her innate desire to make things better than when she found them.

Comments from Delegates

  Live the Life you Want:

“The workshop was thought provoking and introspective and I couldn’t help but feel energized about creating a future for myself that is worthwhile and fulfilling. Even though your future happiness is a serious subject, the day was fun and inspiring.”

“Creating a Vision Board is an awesome experience. I really enjoyed it. It has given me more personal skills to take care of my own life.”

“Love the Vision Board. I was surprised at the way it turned out. You have a gift (talking to people) – I was interested in all you had to say.”

“I really enjoyed the course and think that everyone should have a visit from you as you really open people’s minds.”

” I liked the fact that I was able to reflect on my life.”

“I enjoyed the fact that the workshop gave me validation that I count.”

“I really enjoyed the course as a whole. I found it interesting to think about what I want people to say about me one day – life sentence.”

 Telemarketing Success:

 The course was very fruitful because it has enlightened me on effective communication, good telemarketing skills and how to deal with people, even if they are negative or aggressive. It was a great initiative and a fruitful program to attend.

This was an informative workshop and Angela used her time effectively.  She really emphasizes ‘confidence’ in the call and the outcome of the workshop did have a positive effect on me. For every call from now on I’ll be more aware and remember the tips.

I definitely learnt something – that I was doing it wrong all along! It really makes you think about what you want to say before you pick up the phone to the client and Angela was good at trying to build up our confidence before making the call.

I enjoyed the ‘interactiveness’ of the course. Angela is a great leader – I would like to have her confidence someday.

I liked the individual attention – less corporate like workshop.

Sales Success:

Angela is a good trainer – she keeps one interested in learning.

The usefulness of the contents is excellent for the team. Not only have we learnt competencies but the team is more motivated as well. Overall a good experience, with the team agreeing that the level of interaction and engagement was great.

Have learnt a lot from the course. Hopefully I can grow business now.

The thing that I enjoyed the most was learning how to approach a new customer and the correct telephone skills to convert the call into a meeting. Angela is full of life and makes you want to pay attention to her.

Team Dynamics:

Absolutely loved the material and the presentation. Learned a lot that can be taken and put in to use in the office, as well as the personally.

Very informative – new tactics to try.

Very good – Angela has the ability to explain things to people very well.

Training was informative and educational.

Surprisingly useful insights.

Strategic Planning:

Opportunity to see thing differently.

Enjoyed the facilitation approach and the expertise Angela brings to the group.

The general facilitation was outcomes based and engaging. Enjoyed the group work.

Angela has great business acumen and insight.

Enjoyed the integration of the team – felt that the group activities and de-briefings really ‘gelled’ the team.

Coaching in the Workplace:

Extremely valuable. The workshop facilitated thinking and conversation. It allowed a forum for learning through personalised experiences.