Become your no. 1 client

If you treated one of your clients the way you treated yourself, how long would they be your client for?

Most of the day to day tasks that we perform have a customer centric (internal and/or external) approach at the core, we are more often than not giving.

How are you balancing the giving with the receiving. What do you do to fill up your glass of water so that you have it to share?



 8 ways to ensure that you are your No. 1 client

 1. Be OK with saying NO

 Saying NO is so important! It prevents us from taking on other peoples burdens, workloads and needs when we are feeling overwhelmed. Find out what is important and then prioritise those actions.

 2. Nurture yourself

 Say yes to the lunch break, to the cup of tea, to the reward after a task has been completed, to the celebration after you have achieved a set goal.

3. Chat yourself up

 Find ways to compliment yourself. Be aware of the voice in your head. What are you saying to yourself. Encourage yourself, praise yourself and turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk immediately.

 4. Be thankful

 At the beginning and the end of every day teach yourself to voice or record what you are thankful for, what has gone well, what have you achieved? This will help to keep you positive, motivated and inspired by the little things.

5. Strike a power pose

 Your posture sends messages to your brain telling it what frame of mind you are in. Walk tall, sit in a upright position and feel the energy take hold of you.

6. Spread a good vibe

 Influence other people with your positive energy. Behaviour is contagious and it will be reflected back to you.

7. Give yourself a break

 Self-encouragement has a much better effect than self-criticism. Failure is only feedback – forgive yourself – learn and move on.

8. Schedule time to re-energise

 Know what puts a smile on your face and what lifts your mood. Schedule this activity as and when appropriate.

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