YOU as the brand

Do you know what your clients think about you and the service you offer OR

more importantly have you discussed with your team what you would like your

clients to think about the people who service them

– your brand image.The brand image of your company is powerfully driven by the individuals

your clients come into to contact with. You can spend large sums of

money on elaborate marketing campaigns but it can take one team

member to cripple your brand with their actions.


Let’s have the discussion with our teams – each individual is your USP.


Three ideas for a unique brand image

 1. Relevance

Are your skills relevant to the world of work?

What impact do you make?

Does your impact have a financial result?

Do you make a difference?


2. Difficulty to imitate

What do you have that is totally unique in the way that you deal with your clients?

Do you do something that no-one else does and is it relevant?


3. Breadth of application

Your offering/uniqueness needs to penetrate many areas in terms of solving a client’s requirements and enhancing their offering.

What does that mind map look like?



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