Consistency – The DNA of Leadership

The common denominator with organisations who have challengeswith regards to team work, productivity and motivation is

INCONSISTENCY – it breeds fear and uncertainty.


In the ever changing environment we live and work in we look for a

level of consistency in our working lives. It is important to have

clear expectations of basic business needs noted and communicated.


Consistency means stability, security and clear frameworks for

employees to work with, which goes along way when everything

else is changing around us.


The Basic Fundamentals


1.     Interpersonal Communication

What is your communication style? Would the people working

with you be able to identify it?

What forums have been created to communicate? Does your

daily schedule work around these forums?


2.     Commitments

What do you promise? Do you deliver?

When you start something, do you finish it?


3.     Measurement

What do you need to measure?

What measurement tools are in place?

How and when do you measure these things?

Have these been communicated clearly?


4.     Moods/Behaviour/Decision making

Are you aware of your daily moods, your typical behaviour

patterns and how you make decisions? Do you create a

positive environment for the people who work with you?


5.     Delivery/brand image and customer interactions

Do you do what you say?

Do you have a strong brand message which you act out?

Do you treat your customers in a consistent manner?

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