TEAM tips

One thing I know for sure is that we can’t do life or work on our own.We all have a need to belong to something larger than ourselves and share our skills and talents with a group of people who are working towards a common purpose. So, if that statement is true why do we have so many stressors related to working in a team? Why is there conflict? Why is there mis-communication or worse no communication? Why are there power struggles? Why can’t we always feel the power that a team can offer us as individuals? Why aren’t all teams successful?The 10 top tips below will assist you to audit your team. What do you need to:

  • STOP doing
  • START doing
  • CONTINUE to do
10 top TEAM tips
  1. Know what team developmental phase your team is in.
  2. Clarify what role each team member plays and define how this role impacts on the team.
  3. Understand individual team members personality profiles in order to motivate, communicate and develop.
  4. Check in with the team to ensure that you do have a common purpose.
  5. Find out what each team members individual contribution is to the team.
  6. Communicate the framework the team has to operate within.
  7. Ensure that each individual team member has individual goals linked to their life purpose.
  8. Have a reward/recognition strategy in place.
  9. Define how team members should be measured and consistently hold them accountable to these communicated expectations.
  10. Create forums for communication, new ideas and solutions.

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