VisionWorx offers workshops focused on:

People development to ensure that individuals can realise their potential through external training sessions that assist them to know better so that they can do better. Training sessions include:

Communication skills
Time Management
Team Building
Coaching in the workplace
Happiness in the workplace
Work readiness
Generation Y
Sales success
Stress management
Presentation skills
Train the trainer

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At VisionWorx…

…we are curious about why some people deal with stress, fear, failure, constant changes, difficult communicators and conflict better than others. We want people in the workforce to be more confident, optimistic, resilient and effective as leaders in their own right, so that teams and organisations can thrive.

Our solution?

In-house customised training solutions that address your unique mix of needs.

Career Conversations, the brainchild of Trevor Gildenhuys, was born out of the need to help Senior Managers and Executives, in all industry fields, to realise that they have choices in a competitive job market and to assist them to re-brand themselves to compete in that market. Read more...

A Message from Angela…

Angela GreylingVisionWorx is in the business of PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT. I work from a belief that a better future starts with YOU. When you develop individuals you build CHARACTER. When you develop teams you build COMPETENCY and when you develop organisations you build VALUE and TURNOVER.The work I do with Individuals and Companies is about offering people the tools to develop a vision for themselves, a team or an organisation. Having a vision allows us to live and work from a proactive perspective versus a reactive perspective. It allows us to live our life script and meet goals and objectives set. Read more...